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Monday, December 23, 2013

Dirty Words

What is 'freedom of speech' when you have to constantly be politically correct?

There are words and phrases in America that aspiring politicians or government workers can never utter. I call these words and phrases DIRTY. In America, we have made some phrases appear to be more like an oxymoron. For example, when India and Iran’s former leaders stated that they wanted 'nuclear weapons of peace', the US government criticized their aspirations. While I am not very knowledgeable about the true reasons as to why other countries would like to obtain a nuclear weapon, I agree with their statements: Nuclear Weapons of peace. Before you go off the rocker, think about it. Iran building a nuclear weapon to attack the US? I doubt it. If they tried, the US has the ability to wipe Persia and their neighbors off the map. Is America afraid of Iran potentially attacking us? I highly doubt it. If so, I don't see it happening in the next 20 years…. At least.

The problem with Iran having nuclear power is not the threat of attack or the lingering fear of imminent doom but rather the threat of them being on equally playing field with the high powers of the world. You cannot just push a country with a nuclear bomb in the corner. If they have these abilities, it means you then have to take that country seriously. You have to listen to what this country has to say and include them in the conversation. When you have more countries calling shots, it lessens the powers of the USA, Europe and Israel. In my opinion, this is the partial reason as to why the US does not want Iran to advance with nuclear power. What really sucks about my beliefs is that many people will hold them against me. While I love my country, that does not mean I have to agree with the popular beliefs.

If you can love your child but disapprove of your child’s actions, why can't the same go for one's country? Does disagreeing make me less patriotic?

America boost about having many freedoms, but I long for the ability to express my opposing beliefs without fearing that it will jeopardize my career or be seen as me being disloyal to my country... Welp... at least I am not in North Korea.

The First Amendment of the Constitution permits the freedom of speech with limitations. Therefore, no good expression goes unpunished. With freedom of speech comes the freedom to criticize – including the freedom to be offended. I remember sitting at lunch with a few of my coworkers and we were discussing nuclear bombs. I brought up the 'nuclear weapons of peace' comment. Call me ignorant, but I publicly expressed the fact that I agreed. All of this and my coworkers told me that I could not say that. Should I not be able to think for myself and draw my own conclusions? Are we at the point where we can't say anything that may oppose mainstream views? If you do, you will be left feeling dirty inside.

So, I have realized that some expressions and words are considered DIRTY. For instance, I cannot openly tell anyone that I was a fan of the deceased Hugo Chavez (former President of Venezuela) mainly because he did so much for the people living in poverty there. But most Americans cringe if you favor any aspects of communism. Don’t you feel dirty just thinking about it? Most Americans associate communism with dictators and oppression. (But for some reason China gets a pass.)While I am fledging regarding this subject, I do believe that communism is not as bad as America would have us believe. Communism and capitalism are on to opposite sides of the spectrum, but I believe communism is a great way to stabilize a country by uplifting the poor.

Moral of the story: fuck, bitch, shit, ass, and damn are not the only dirty words in this country. Communism, Nuclear Weapons of Peace (not a word but a phrase), Autocracy, and more are considered the new age 'Dirty Words'.

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